Pokemon Info

Welcome to PokemonMS website, we are currently Looking for a dude to help us badly.
-Donate   ?
- Fix a goodly dedicated  ?
- PRO website ?
- Hoster ?
Fix it!

Looking for a fun MapleStory private server? Join us!
[Dedicated soon]3000x 500x 2x [GuildPQ-Custom PQS][Multi-pets][Custom NPCS] [NewSystem] [GM scrolls][1MesoShops][NolaggOrDc][Customed NPCS] V62-[AllinOneSeller][System so GM hat can be earned] [Pro&Fun] [First High rated Stable source].

private server

Server Statistic
Status Offline 'Duo no host'
Accounts 5
Characters 5
Online Players 2

Server Rates
Exp 3000x
Meso 500x
Drop 2x

Owner: Forum & Hoster

We are looking for the special dude.

We are currently looking for the special dude who always wanted too host an pro Server that will hit rank 1-50 Faster then any other server has done. We have good futures. All we need or what we need is
A Host or a Hoster With more then 3G ram.
Donations if we dun Get a HOST.
If we get a host, we need a better website.
A Dedicated Computer.
We just need one of these or all.
I promise i would never let you down. We'll hold it up for ever and ever.
REQ: Well Speaking English.
No lying or false shit.
I Promise ya we'll hit Rank 1-50 on xtremetop100 fast and we'll Be the best Server one day. And a active and good forum.